Bible Translation= Overview


The Translation Process




The Japanese Sign Language Bible Translation
A Bible of the Deaf, by the Deaf, and for the Deaf in the hands of the average Deaf person.


Why We Publish the JSL Bible
Once, a Deaf person visited a church and asked about Jesus Christ. They gave him a Bible and told him to read about the life of Christ, but he left the church downcast. Why? Because he couldn't read the Japanese Bible.
This is not an isolated case. It happens all too often. The Deaf need a Bible in their own language! Even Deaf people who can read Japanese understand Sign Language better. Our vision is to give the Deaf access to the Bible in a Sign Language translation they can understand. We are looking for people who share this vision.
How You Can= Help
Pray for us. Get the news through our mailings and join in prayer.
Become a Member. Anyone who contributes any amount to ViBi becomes a member for the rest of that fiscal year (until March).
Join the 1000/1000 Program. We're looking for 1,000 people to support us 1,000 yen/month, so we can sell our tapes for 1,000 yen each. To date, we have 746= committments.
Be a "Library Partner." Request that our Bible translation tapes be placed in your local Deaf Chapter video library, or your local community library.
Join (or Start) a Translation Team. You don't have to move to Tokyo. We'll help you learn where you are.