Bible Translation= Overview


The Translation Process



The Translation Process


Rough Draft: A Deaf translator reads the Japanese versions and translates them into sign language (recorded on videotape).
Sign Language Check: A check of the first draft to be sure all units of meaning from the Japanese are included in the Sign Language version.
Original Language Check: Adjustment of the first draft to match the original language Bible= (Greek/Hebrew)
Second Draft: A translation based on the input from the above two checks.
Viewer evaluation: A non-churched third party views the tape and answers content questions. Adjustments are made until viewer perception and true meaning= coincide.
Final Draft: The above steps are repeated until the final draft is ready
Rehearsal: Dress rehearsal in studio the day before recording
Studio Recording Session
Editing: Chapter and verse are added, along with subtitles for fingerspelled words and technical= terms.
Final Check: Picture quality and subtitles accuracy check