To whom it may concern,

I am very glad to know that Rinko Kikuchi missed the best supporting actress of the 79th Academy Awards.
As you know, Japanese Deaf people have opposed to it since we knew her nomination.
Now I would like to express my thankfulness to the members of the press and media including BBC and the members of film society for understanding and supporting our objection to her getting the award. We are so relieved and satisfied with the result.

Thank you again for your cooperation.


NO!! Ms. Rinko Kikuchi's nomination for supporting role of Academy Award.


To whom it may concern,

I am a Deaf Japanese and would like to tell you the following important opinion.

I would like to make an strong objection to Ms. Rinko Kikuchi's nomination for supporting role of Academy Award.
She plays Deaf girl role on US movie 'Babel', directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

I know now many people give high remarks for her performance. However, We, the Deaf people in Japan, do not so. For hearing people, they do not understand her performance in Sign Language well. If she gets the award,
it might give much negative effect on recognition of our Sign language and the Deaf people. It might also cause misunderstanding about our culture.

With my frank view as the hearing-impaired, her performance as the deaf girl is not so good and we cannot appreciate her sign language performance.

I hope you can have better critical view with her performance. At least,
I would like to ask you not to give the award to her strongly.

Thank you for your cooperation,
With my best regards,
Tomihiko Shionoya (Deaf Japanese)